To use screen space more efficiently, you can view all items in My CRM calendar as a list. Users can sort, filter, edit, or delete calendar items in the list. System administrators can customize the list appearance.

I’ve logged onto Sage CRM as Susan Maye and opened up my calendar. You can see that my calendar is busy. It’s not that easy to find a particular appointment.

I’ve just clicked on the new tab option ‘CalendarList’. The grid that I have in front of me is filterable and sortable.

I can sort by the columns – I’ve just clicked on ‘Action’ to order the appointments by action type.

And if I click on the ‘funnel’ symbol I can start to filter the list.

Here I am starting to look for Companies with names beginning with ‘Gate’.

And once I have entered my criteria I can click filter.

And I can see all of my communications together that match the criteria I’ve chosen.

If I double click on the items on the grid then I can edit or delete the communication according to the rights granted to me through my security profile.