Sage CRM 2019 R2: What to expect

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Sage CRM 2019 R2: What to expect

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As I write this the QA team are just finishing their final checks of Sage CRM 2019 R2 and the new version will be released to the Sage OpCos on Friday 2nd August 2019.

The exact release date in your country will be determined by your local Sage team as the QA processes for the various integrations will need to be confirmed.

The product and development team in Dublin is working with a 3-year rolling roadmap for the product. This has set the development path until 2021 and beyond. Through the investment in the roadmap and this release, Sage is demonstrating a continued commitment to integrated CRM and how this enables the front office capabilities for accounting products within the Sage 200 franchise.

Each release has a different focus within the overall roadmap. Sage CRM 2019 R2 is focussed on changing the way that ISVs and partners can bring increased value to customers.

The most significant change introduced in Sage CRM 2019 R2 is the addition of a new REST API. That changes the game for Developers and anyone working to integrate Sage CRM with other web-based systems.

But before I write more about that I want to consider what else we can expect in Sage CRM 2019 R2.

There have been some important changes for customers like the added support for Exchange 2019 and Office 2019. This will affect Exchange and Outlook Integration, Mail Merge and Export to File.

The default Self Service Demo site that is an optional install has been updated to be fully responsive and there have been some enhancements to Self Service security.

Access to records stored in the library is now governed by security profiles. This means that system administrators can give separate rights to see documents recorded against companies, persons, opportunities. An administrator can now limit who sees sensitive documents like contracts even if the user can normally see and access the details held in the parental record. This is a pretty important feature for integrated systems and I will be writing about this again in a later article.

The mobile experience has been improved. It is now possible for service users working with the mobile theme to be able to make changes to cases and have those updates tracked in case progress table. This is good news for anyone wanting to be able to report on how service requests are being handled and progressed towards resolution.

In addition to these key enhancements, the Release Notes document over 28 issues addressed in Sage CRM 2019 R2. All these changes have been documented in the Help Center and will be supported by new training material added to the community and YouTube channel. This will be made available after the release of the product.


The API has been released as beta as we anticipate it being enhanced as Sage CRM is enhanced over the next few releases of the roadmap to allow it to work seamlessly with Sage Business Cloud products and other third-party solutions. The API will be the tool that the development team for Sage CRM uses when refreshing features in future releases.

There will be a whole new guide with the Help Center. (

This has full examples of how to create and format the requests covering all of the entities supported for this first version of the API.

Below is an example of the documentation explaining how to insert a new company with an associated person, address, phone and email information.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing articles and additional resources that will make sure that colleagues, partners and customers can get the best out of the system.

  • Sage CRM 2019 R2 had been scheduled for release tomorrow, 2nd August. Unfortunately, a few of the issues raised during QA have not yet been resolved, and we have taken the decision to delay the release in order to fix and retest three issues.

    I will give you the revised release date early next week.

  • Jeff, I have the following questions in respect to the REST API.

    1. The documentation lists only the primary entities, though the documentation mentions custom entities. Can you clarify what is, and what is not supported?

    2. Nested Entities (Such as Quote Items, Order Items) - Can we submit a hierarchical JSON document for update and Sage will work out the insert/update logic? Or do we need to explicitly delete lines?

    3. Linked Entities (Addresses, Phone, Email) - I notice there's a $type field. Does this mean Sage works out the linking logic for us?

    4. SData 'Quirks' - SData has some doozy quirks like (and I forgot exactly) the Oppo_OpptunityId returns the opportunity description AND not the id. Have these been carried through, or do we have a clean slate?

    5. Meta Data - SData provides a wonderful means to query meta-data. What sort of meta-data is exposed by the REST API?

    Many Thanks

  • It terms of support this is a Beta release of the API.  We have taken the view that only those entities listed within the documentation are supported.  The aim is to eventually have the API cover all entities but right now with 2019 R2 the support is limited.  

    API allows us to insert nested entities (Company, with contacts, addresses, phone and email) as a single JSON submission.  I think we are going to have quirks for a while - for example I don't think the $type field is actually returned.  

    The principle way of checking metadata data is through the $prototypes


  • Any update on when this might get a RTM?

  • I may hear in about 10 minutes.  But as soon as I know I shall release the news.

  • Jeff, thanks for the reply.

    We'll keep an eye on the REST API definitely.

    Have a few requests/ideas/hints (which you can conveniently file to the trashbin should you wish):

    1. Meta Data - A successful integrator should be able to decipher enough information from the meta data to make an informed decision on how the entity can be queried and written to (the SData meta is perfect...though the 72 or 73 release had a major regression by removing the ID field from the meta data).

    2. Quirks - Please no quirks.

    3. Proper error messaging - The current error reporting (with the SOAP API) is a bit of a mess. Please report back meaningful errors.

    4. Consistent Handling of Entities - All entities (including the hidden ones) need to be exposed to REST. For example, in the current API, we need to supply the ID of the currency for a quote. We don't know what the ID is, so we need to translate, typically the ISO3 code to the Sage id on insert. The issue, is the Currency entity is hidden (why?), so you need to alter the database to get it exposed. (Also note, the current REST API states the CID fields are strings).

    I am happy to expand on any of these points.


  • If you would like to have a in depth chat then drop me a line via  I can then set up call including Product Management and we can start capturing your direct experience into our ideas bank for developing the API.

  • Hi Jeff

    Is there any news as to when 2019 R2 will be released?  I have just logged into my download portal and seen that Sage CRM 2019 R1.1 - Standalone is available, is this just an update to R1 or has there been a change in the naming convention?

  • Sage CRM 2019 R2 is the release we are waiting for.  The last QA checks are being done.  It looks like release will now be Tuesday 20th August provided no one pulls the 'stop' cord.  This does not mean that this is when all partners get the software as the release in each territory is down the each Country team.

    The release 2019 R1.1 contained a specific fix.