Here in the UK, the global downturn has brought the challenges of business failure into the everyday media.  Nowhere has this downturn been more apparent than among small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) - Sage UK's traditional heartland.   Smaller businesses have seen a slowing customer demand & evaporating lines of credit.   Their reaction ?  For many, it means moving to a defensive mode; cutting IT projects & waiting until things improve. 

However, for those businesses with foresight & the ability to invest, now is the time to safeguard revenues & profitability, looking particularly within their customer base.  Focussing on "fundamentals" of CRM allows businesses to drive efficiencies - be that better internal processes or making more of their data ("what they know"), helping them navigate the challenging market conditions.

These turbulent times could actually present new opportunities for companies that invest wisely in information technologies.  And, as a recent whitepaper from Sage Technologies suggests "the ‘cost of doing nothing’ in respect of addressing your internal activities, is significant".

Here in the UK, we continue to work with customers & partners, helping them understand why the implementation of a CRM system is so much more than just "contact management" and "sales force" tools.  In particular, for the CRM component that comes with our mid market Sage200 suite, our big push is education about what CRM can add to the backoffice (accounts) story.  Through material in UK publications like Director of Finance and Management Today, we are speaking to decision makers about the power of an integrated solution in "knowing your customer"

I urge you, as a member of Sage CRM community, to always lead the conversation with prospects and ask the question - "how can CRM help them be a better business ?"

-= David

Sage CRM Evangelist
Sage UK