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Sage CRM Mobile iPad App

  • So the obvious question seems to be when plans to scale up the iPhone app for functionality on the iPad which currently makes up 96% of the tablet market. The simplified "touch screen" input is great and having the easy instant on access to SageCRM is great however a native app would be great.


    Once the iPhone app is out of beta what is the time frame on porting it over to a native iPad app or at least giving  a 1024×768 resolution to add some functionality?


    Appreciate all your hard work,




  • Hi Aaron,

    We've no immediate plans to release an iPad specific theme at this time; we're going to be looking at other mobile devices first.



  • This might be the answer.

  • That does look promising!

  • Hi Eoin,

    Has the iPad application progressed in the queue yet? I would love to see the ability to look after Leads and Opportunities through the iPhone and the iPad. In fact, the Surface and Android tablets would also make a big impact here if Leads and Opportunities could be created, progressed and communicated (with recording) to really get the sales people bouncing with joy. Thanks Eoin.



  • Hi Eoin,

    I sent the link (above) to my iPad and could see it to download through the iTunes app store.  Previous searches on the iPad came up blank. So has the iPad application progressed in the queue? Yes, it is the same application for the iPhone and is available from this link:

    Now on to the next device!


  • Hi Penny

    Just to clarify - I think this thread was originally about the mobile web themes, not native apps.

    In Sage CRM 7.3 and 2015 R1, we updated the mobile web theme so it's compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets available on the market.

    A couple of years ago, we also added the ability for a user to choose whether they'd like to view the tablet version of Sage CRM, or the full desktop version.

    The native iPhone app "Sage CRM for iPhone" (previously Sage CRM Sales Lite) has been updated recently, and as you mention, it should work fine (although obviously there will be differences when it comes to ringing a contact through the app). There are currently no plans for a version specifically for the iPad.

    Next up is the Android version (Sage CRM for Android), which is in the final stages of testing and will be available on the Google Play store shortly.



  • Thanks Eoin.

    Your clarification has definitely helped as it has been a little confusing for me.

    I will continue to test the mobile web against the application version to see how it will suit the sales people and their requirements.

    Cheers Eoin.