A couple of SAGE CRM Enhancement requests

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Be good:

  1. To be able to select whichever TAB we prefer for 'Default screen for Company:' currently limited to dashboard and summary.
  2. As above but have a preference to set default screen other entities; Person
  3. Have s user preference that Controls how results for new quick find are returned, at the moment you have to be 'explicit' when searching for any given item, as an example if I want a specific company record then until I have the company name typed in full you can only select results for, cases, appointments...etc

Thanks for considering these items.

KR Dave White

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  • Dave

    These are great comments and I will pass them on.  But I think you should also see if you can chat with the local Sage team.  I think you are based in the UK?  Most of the new feature prioritisation comes from requests from the different local Sage product management teams.