Problem getting the Case fields to work with Mail Merge when using a Word Template

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Sage CRM 2017 R3

Word template is setup with fields from both Company and Case.

From Company:  «Comp_Name», «Addr_Address1», «Addr_City», «Addr_State» «Addr_PostCode»

From Case:  «case_caseid»  «case_createdby» (and some custom case fields that I have created)

Perform a mail merge to Word or PDF from Case using a word template and the company fields show up fine in the merger.  NONE of the Case fields show up.

The Case fields show up  if I use an  HTML template.  The case fields all show up in the template editor and I am able to perform a merge to Word or PDF etc...

I am also able to have the case fields show up in an email from a work flow.

I don't want to use the HTML template as the formatting is horrible compared to a word doc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work?




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  • Hi John

    Are the fields you're wanting to use exist in the view vMailMergeCase? Plus since creating the fields have you restarted TomCat (I find until I do that custom fields or fields recently added to the merge view appear blank)

      CRM Consultant

    Pinnacle Computing Ltd

  • Yes the fields are in the case - like I stated above the mail merge works if you use the HTML editor built into CRM - just does not work if it is a word doc. I am starting to think it is a bug but need to test some more to confirm.

  • Hi John,

    See attached merge document, this works for me, just toggle field codes and update as needed.

    Sean Mimnagh
    CRM Consultant
    Spire BMS Ltd

  • Thanks Sean - Fields like «case_caseid» worked but my custom field like «case_cpa_reel_desc» did not work when I added it to the test document.  I think it has something to do with the _ in the field name and word mail merge.  I just used the HTML editor to create my templates and they all work.


  • How are you adding the «case_cpa_reel_desc» field?
    If you copy one of the other merge field, then right click select toggle field codes.

    change the mergefield to the following, then right click toggle fields and save.

    Sean Mimnagh
    CRM Consultant
    Spire BMS Ltd

  • Hi Sean - thanks for your help I got it to work. I was doing something entirely wrong!