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We have updated the CRM to version 7.3 SP2.1. After modifying the templates with the necessary tags in this new version, we have a problem. The Custom Fields not listed on template after performing the merge.

They can help us ? We must insert a special tag to make visible the custom fields on templates ?




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  • Have you confirmed that the view contains the custom field?

    As the system was upgraded and the mail merge draws its data from 'system' views, these may have been reset during the upgrade process.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Confirm, the view contains the custom field:

    I can send you the template we use to observe as we introduce the tags «TableStart:Quotes» «TableEnd:Quotes»  and custom field and this does not appear.



  • The field "comp_wf_agente" needs to be contained in the following database views

  • HiJeff,

    We have modified the SQL views on database CRM to add the custom field but still does not appear to perform merge.



  • I can not reproduce this.  I am using Sage CRM 7.3 sp3

    On my system I added a new field to the company table "comp_testfield".  I then added it to the companyboxlong screen and made sure that there was data stored in it for the Gatecom demo company.  I then changed the company mail merge view vMailMergeCompany to include "comp_testfield".

    I could then select the field for inclusion in a new HTML mail merge template.

    I think you need to log a case with the local Sage team.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your help.

    You could give me an example of template for Microsoft Word with you employ tags to display the custom field ?

    It's possible that the problem is with tags for Microsoft Word.



  • Any suggested fixes to this problem?

  • Lisa

    The two most important aspects of working with a custom field for mail merge is that the field must be included in the underlying view.

    When editing the templates in Word you then need to use the Quick Part feature of Word to manually add the field you want into the template to be used fort Sage CRM.

    Please see: