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we use MailChimp with our Sage CRM to send Newsletters. We sent one in july.

Some contacts unsubscribed in the newsletter. allmost all, when they received the newsletter.

Each day, those contacts are updated in Sage CRM.

I wrote to MailChimp : they redicted me to this blog.

and our Sage CRM integrator answered about Tomcat but they can't give me an answer and explication.

How can I stop thoses updates ? Can you give an explication ?


Isabelle Pincemaille

Our Sage CRM release :

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  • Isabelle

    I do not understand your issue?

    Within the integration with Sage CRM and MailChimp, if a contact unsubscribes from the MailChimp List that Sage CRM uses then that 'unsubscribe' action will flow back into Sage CRM as an opt out during the overnight synchronization.

  • Hello Jeff,

    My issue is that this action runs each day and there are no more unsubscribe contacts. Each day same contacts are updated in sage CRM as an opt out.


  • Isabelle

    If you can see in the logs that the same 'updates' are firing within Sage CRM again and again and again then this should be logged as a problem with Support.  If they can reproduce this then they will escalate to the Development Team.  If they can't reproduce this then they will be able to investigate why this is happening in your implementation.