Do tags, Important Notices or Read First Notifications exist?

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Need input regarding this question I received this from my sales manager in Germany.

I am missing something like "important notices" or that CRM shows that notices and documents are entered, when you are looking at a customer profile. There is no "flashlight" or tag. This would be great, because in some cases it is important to read this information first before contacting the customer. You have to go through all points manually (communication, notices, document, photos.....) to check it. Is there a possibility to establish something like that? There is a customer I don´t want to delete (Michael Pachleitner Group GmbH), but at this point of time there is absolute no chance to make business. I created a notice to fix this information and changed the status from active to closed. I want this to be clearly shown like a warning.

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  • Katie


    There are a couple of ways that this could be done.  You'll need to use a little scripting and this will need the system administrator to help you.  I will mention the simplest first.

    For example:  

    "If a customer status (comp_status) is changed to "closed" then highlight the status, type and revenue fields".

    This little bit of JavaSccript can be added to the custom content box the screen called "companyboxlong".



    var myfield = crm("comp_status")

    if (myfield.value() == "Closed")


    crm.fields("comp_status comp_type comp_revenue").background("red");

    crm.fields("comp_status comp_type comp_revenue").color("white");