How to add our own organization information?

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I am working on a new customization for an on premise 7.3 system. I know the online version (under Admin tab) has a "Manage My Account" area where the organization information (name, address etc) can be entered, along with a logo.  I'm unable to find anything similar in the on premise version. I was told by our business partner to add our own organization in under Company Entity?  If I did this, how would I get the correct address information onto quotes or document templates?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The "manage my account" area in the Cloud product is for the billing address etc of the contact responsible for the signing up for CRM.

    Information held in the Company and Person tables are for external contacts and the address table holds their address information.  In email and document merge templates these fields appear in the form "comp_name, pers_lastname, addr_postcode" etc.

    Within the one premise edition the users own contact details are held in the Users table.  

    Have you set up new users within the cloud edition?

    The fields in the user table can be extended to have more address information.  In the default system we don't hold much more information other than department and location details  (user_department, user_location).  The fields in the user table (including custom fields) can then be available to merge templates.