File "XX.pdf" is not a valid picture. Valid pictures are stored in files with the following extentions: JPG, JPEG, GIF.

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When replying to an email the following error is shown at the top of the email window. If you try to send the email you will receive the next error - There was an error sending your E-mail, the E-mail was not sent. Please consult your system administrator. The specific error was:
Cannot open file "**.pdf". The system cannot find the file specified. You have to delete the offending attachment before the email will be sent.

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  • Scott

    Please can you describe the steps to reproduce this problem.

    Does this happen to all emails with attachments?

    Does this happen for all users?

  • Jeff it's been three years and the problem still exists. It happens to all users and yes to all emails with attachments we reply to. Not original emails that we send only during a reply. When we click reply to an email it should not carry the attachments forward in the reply.

  • I am having the same problem.  It comes up when a user hits reply and for some reason SageCRM tries to include the original email's attachments, but for some reason it isn't referencing the actual file.  

    Email reply's shouldn't be including attachments, only fowards, and whenever it tries to on a reply it crashes.

    I recorded the screen while demonstrating this.  

  • Wow! Someone else has the same issue. I never received a response from anyone. If you ever figure this out please let me know as we still have this issue.

  • Will do.  I really find it amazing that bugs like this cannot be addressed without spending the money on calling in and creating a ticket.  I asked our support provider for a place where bugs can be submitted to be fixed in future releases and they told me there isn't such a place.  Best luck is going on this forum and hopefully someone at Sage will see the complaints.

  • I will speak to some of my colleagues in L3 support in Dublin.  

  • I spoke with tech support in Burnaby, British Columbia several years ago for several hours trying to solve the issue. They told me that I had found a bug. This was probably back in 2014. It would be fixed in the next release and as far as I know it never was.

  • A similar issue here. Hope this will soon be fixed.

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  • Jeff, anything from Dublin?

  • Brian

    I've had a look in our internal system.  There have been cases that have been escalated to Dublin.  There is a case dating to 2018 that seems to cover this that also has commentary in the tracking notes that "We seem to have seen this previously" with another case but case indicates it had been resolved in a build with I think was 7.3sp1.

    So..  It looks like the problem had been solved and then reintroduced.  BUT the bad news is that the case from 2018 was marked as closed because a lack of response from the customer.  So to get this re-escalated and re-opened this really needs to come from the L2 Support team.

  • How do we go about getting it fixed from a L2 support team?  You work there, so you can't you email them?