Organiser in the Communications

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Hi Community!

I've got a problems with the communications with the field "Comm_Organizer" and an Exchange-Integration.

Business Case:

User "A" need to make a Appointment for User B and User C.

When User "A" create the communication the user need first to remove himself out of the subscribe list and need to set the field "Comm_Organizer" to a User "B" or "User C" to save the communication. 

This is a lot of work to create a simple "appointment". Is There any chance to make this faster for the users?

I already tried this suppoert case but it dont work


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  • Hi Oliver,

    Did this problem ever get solved or did you find yourself a workaround yourself?



  • I have written a script in the past that clears the organiser from the dropdown if the organiser is removed from the user list. This will force the person to set a new organiser. This was done using the client side API and required the organiser field to be editable when editing a communication.

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