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We have our Sage CRM installation synced to our Sage 300 2017 install, and have synced our A/P vendors and A/R customers to the CRM.

There were no contacts in our ERP system, so I am now trying to import person records for the existing ERP customers.

It appears that importing in CRM is WAY different than in ERP - where I would often update records by exporting, changing the export file, and re-importing.

I understand how Sage 300 (ACCPAC) imports - linking on one or two key fields, but I don't really understand the CRM import process.

I would appreciate anyone's insights into the problems I am having:

  1. We have customers and vendors (from ERP) with exactly the same name - they are the same company, but we buy from and also sell to. I can't seem to determine how to import a person record and associate with the customer company and not the vendor company. I just get a deduplication error. I don't really want to change the company names, as that would sync back to Sage 300 and screw up the names there.
  2. After much trial and error (I don't find the documentation much help) I have imported some person records, but I was unable to get the person address information to import. If I set the address to map to the person, I would get an import error, so I was only able to successfully import if I set the address information to map to company address. When I look in the company - the address shows as linked to the person, but on the person screen there is no address information.

Hope that makes sense! Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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  • OK - after much trial and error, the only way I could get a good upload was to use the Company_ID field (unique) and dedupe on that field and the person first and last names - so I had to dump out a list of customers with their CRM Company_ID fields and then cross reference them to the names.

    Also found that by selecting to overwrite the person's default address, it will fill out the person address info.

    So, I have finally managed a decent upload, however I now have a couple where I need to fix the previous imports - I need to merge the person address data into the exisitng person. I tried it once and it made a hell of a mess, besides asking me on each and every of the 150 odd records if I wanted to merge the data.

    Can anyone give me any hints on how best to merge the customer addresses into the existing CRM data?