Sage CRM and GDPR

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With the GDPR regulations coming into force next May, will Sage be adding any functionality out of the box to support the GDPR processes such as opting out of communications, or ways of deleting communications after a specified period of time? Or will we need to customise CRM ourselves ?

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  • Thanks for the update Jeff. Looking forward to having a play with the GDPR related bits.

  • My client told me that CRM has to use HTTPS for GDRP compliance but it also said for publicly facing networks and their CRM is not public facing.  Does anyone know where I can see the requirements for GDRP?  Also, does anyone know if SQL needs special requirements when CRM and Sage 300 are hosted locally.  

  • Hello

    The team in Dublin have create a good guide that explains the implications for GDPR and Sage CRM.

    This is found on the Help Center (

    You need to be able to demonstrate that the data is stored securely and that includes data that is passed into and out of the system.  The GDPR document above refers to the need to secure the system and point to the Install Guide. This includes security recommendations for both the database and the web server.

    If you are emailing your contacts to obtain consent ( then these email will include links that call back into Sage CRM.  The emails will contain clickable hyperlinks that calls an endpoint in a similar way to the Web To Lead functionality.  This requires that the Sage CRM server is accessible from outside the organisational network and because of that this should be encrypted.