Sage CRM/200 Integration with Sicon

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Hi - I am looking at integrating Sage CRM with Sicon.  We are currently generating quotes in Sicon and would like to know what the possibilities are in terms of viewing the quotes within Sage CRM and what functionality is possible ie, reporting, linking to CRM opportunities etc.  Has anyone successfully done this before?

Many thanks in advance for any advice!


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  • Julie

    There are quite a few Sicon team members on the community.  Hopefully they chip in quickly.  

  • Doesn't seem to be anyone offering any help here Jeff!!

  • Julie

    Have you poked the guys at Sicon directly?  

  • It would be worth knowing what Sicon product you are referring to, Hire Manager? Service Manager? WAP? or one of their other add ons?

    Either way you will find that as Sicon links to Sage 200 probably the best option you have is to use the old Sage 200 integration (rather than the new connector) which syncs data back to Sage CRM into to Opportunity and Order tables etc. This will mean the data can then be reported on from within CRM reports section.

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  • Hi - thank you for your reply Daniel, it is specifically Sicon Works Order Processing!