Changing a field in opportunity based on a company field

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I have a field in the Company screen which indicates if a client requires a PO number, I would like this field to also appear on the opportunity screen. Is there a way of doing this?

Basically, I want the field comp_po to be duplicated in the opportunity screen however you cannot just use the 'comp' when 'oppo' should be used, can you?

any ideas of doing this?



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  • What type of field is it and whats the purpose?

    If its to flag that a PO is required then you don't need the field on the opportunity, you can display a message to the user from the value against the company. You can even display the company field in the opportunity top content if its just for review.

    if you wanted a field on the opportunity you must create it in the opportunity entity, i.e. oppo_po, you can then set the value to be what ever the value of the company field is by using a simple create script setting the default value of the field.

    Hoever, as PO's are generally entered against orders we would normally just set the orde_ponumber field to be required if the company setting comp_po is set to require a po. This will mean a quote can't be coverted to an order, or an manual order cannot be created, if the company is set to require a po number.

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  • Hi Daniel,

    the purpose of the filed is to indicate if the client requires a PO number. Its a Yes / No selection and is current featured on the company screen. I want the information from the company screen to pull through to the opportunity screen. How do I display the field from the company screen onto the opportunity screen? it is for view purpose as we dont use the order you mentioned below.