Lookup Sage CRM records within x mile radius of a postcode

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Hi - has anyone done something like...being able to lookup all the person records in Sage CRM within an x mile radius of a postcode?

I cant seem to find anything relating to this, has anyone achieved it?

Many thanks in advance, Julie

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  • hello julie, have you set up the Sage CRM Mapping component ? it would show the companies, leads, cases & opportunities within a radius of x km on the map.


    Kannan Srinivasan

  • Julie

    Kannan's suggestion will provide the easiest way of giving your users a simple sense of the businesses and 'work' around an address.  But to be able to enter a postcode and then create a list of businesses within a radius would require access to a PAF data service (Postcode Address File).  There are 3rd party web services that will return a list of postcodes within a radius of an address and then you can use that to look up your businesses.

  • Thank you for bith of your replies. It is people they need to be able to view within an x mile radius.  The mapping co.ponent will help in some way but we really need to be able to lookup and get a list *** Jeff says.  I think this is easy/ish to do using a PAF data service to show the postcodes but how would you recommend we go about then looking up the relevant people within those postcodes?  Any hint to doing this would be truly appreciated.

  • Sorry... *as Jeff says (slight typo there!)

  • Julie

    There's the rub.  To try and create you own look up will be a lot of work.  I used to use Postcode Anywhere (which has been taken over by https://www.loqate.com/en-gb/ I think) and you could with their API get a list of Postcodes from their service.  Once you have that then you can create a search for Contacts with addresses that match those postcodes in Sage CRM and the CRM API allows you to create a Group from that query.

  • Hi Julie, I have written an FOC geocoding service for Sage CRM that geocodes Companies and leads and could be extended to geocode person records (based for example of the pers_primaryaddressid). Its also possible to add new pin types to the Sage Mapping component so (apart from the fact is km not miles) its shouldn't be too hard to set up a system that is geocoded on person primary address and can show them on a map, all using the sage Mapping component.

    Sage CRM specialist and all round fan! Please feel free to follow me on twitter @dannycrm

  • Hi Daniel.  Please may I utilise your solution?  Would really appreciate it!!


  • Sure, drop me an email with your details and I can send you across the installer. daniel.lewis@q......

    Sage CRM specialist and all round fan! Please feel free to follow me on twitter @dannycrm

  • Hello Daniel

    I have dropped an email with my details, let me know if this is an online service or a Sage CRM component that can be distributed


    Kannan Srinivasan

  • Hi Kannan, I have emailed you the download link. Let me know is it goes!

    Sage CRM specialist and all round fan! Please feel free to follow me on twitter @dannycrm

  • Daniel:  I would like to try your solution as well.  We have a couple of clients that have been asking about this possibility.  Can you send your download link to me as well?  Thank you!