How to see a full daily/weekly activity report for the CRM

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I would like to know how to get a report to show how much activity has taken place on the CRM in any certain day/week

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  • Sue

    If you mean a single report that covers communications, new leads, new company records new cases etc then you will find that it will be difficult to create a standard Sage CRM report that produces this.  

    You could create a custom ASP report that brings everything you need together.


    An alternative is to deliver this customised 'report' into a Dashboard.  See:

    But probably the easiest way to do handle this is to create a series of reports with charts that are then called as separate gadgets in a Dashboard to provide managers with the information they need.

  • If you are talking standard communication activity then the out of the box Reports>Activity>Activity Breakdown by User report will show you have any communications (calls, meetings, emails etc) have been put into the system by user over a specified date range.

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