How many man days to implement Sage CRM?

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Hi all, I have a question about the implementation cycle, how long does it takes to implement the Sage CRM? Says for the business environment which consists of 10 users, or 30 users.

Thanks in advance

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  • hello ralph the implementation cycle clearly varies on the scope of work defined by the requirements specification. This can include automating the sales process only or sales & marketing or sales & customer service or marketing & customer service, with integration to Sage Business Management systems or with third party applications and the list goes on. The length of the implementation cycle is really not driven by the number of users alone.


    Kannan Srinivasan

  • what about out of the box? I mean when there is very minimal or zero customization involve. How many days on average does it takes?

  • Ralph  - as Kannan has noted, it very much depends.  To add further to his answer, I recommend *never* implementing ouf to the box:  The success of any implementation project (CRM & others) depends on understanding the business problems that need to be solved & addressing them through software + services delivery.

    We have too many sites around the world where an "ouf of the box" setup is languishing, serving nobody. Don't be part of extending that legacy.

    Create & put to every customer a 'package of ideas' that solve key business issues + prove the value in doing so.  I recommend you also read some of the posts in the Talking About Customers blog, where resellers talk about quantifying the value of implementation services as well as our own people in service roles help explore the business before beginning an implementation.

  • Hi all, I have got the requirements from the prospect:

    1. Marketing (campaign, and lead generation)

    2. Sales pipeline

    3. Order process to invoice

    4. Invoicing with then integrate to accounting system, can probably can inquiry current stock level from the ERP

    5. Service (cases, ticket tracking)

    6. Warranty Repair (field service, this is to be execute at ERP level)

    By having these scope of work, can we estimate how many man day incur for the implementation? At least a ball park figure

  • Hi Ralph

    Another key question is which Sage finance system are you linking to? Sage 200 for example the CRM will do quote to order, invoicing would be done within the finance package.

    Would strongly recommend talking to a Business Partner and do a proper scoping session with them to iron out some of the details. 

      CRM Consultant

    Pinnacle Computing Ltd

  • I'm working on the prospect whose business operates in Indonesia, on the very beginning stage, we just need to figure out how many man days/ hours (roughly) does it takes to implement. The local Partner isn't experienced in Sage CRM.

    Most likely they are not going to use Sage 300 (ACCPAC) due to they wanted to remain the current ERP (other brand). Assume no integration, what would be the number of man hours? Thanks

  • Hi Ralph,

    Looking on to your requirement it should be done in 50 Man days (+ / - 10 days buffer).

    Let me know if you need any help.


    Sharad kandwal

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  • Ralph

    Just checking.  Have you found the implementation workbook?

    This will provide details of what needs to be done within the implementation project.  

    See also

  • Hello Ralph

    estimating 50 days or 400 hour(working) can be a starting point, however a lot of estimation needs to be granularized by focussing on key elements such as

    • Screen Modifications
    • Screen Business Logic
    • New Entities (Managing the entity lifecycle integrated / tied into current CRM entities)
    • New ASP / .Net Pages
    • Report Modifications
    • New Reports
    • User Profile (Configuration)
    • Territory Setup / Security Setup
    • Field Security Setup
    • User Security Setup
    • Data Import (Accounts / Contacts / Leads ) etc - Open Transactions  Import could include (Opportunities, Cases & Communications)
    • Email Integration setup (Outlook  / Exchange Synchronization)
    • Marketing Campaign Integration (Mailchimp)
    • Mobile (Setup / UAT)
    • End User Training 
    • Admini user training

    To this list you might want to add hours / days. Hopefully it can be a starting point in estimations.




    Kannan Srinivasan