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Not sure why I can't find this- where is the location of the CRM Email logs? I'm simply trying to configure CRM to send emails using SMTP. I've got the email address, user name, password, port # and other required config items, but 2 things are going wrong and I do not understand why:

1. Despite the fact that the email is received by the recipient, I receive an on-screen error (shown in screenshot).

2. The email is not being filed in the Communications tab, whether I choose the "Outbound E-mails should be filed by:" configuration option of "CRM" or "E-mail Management Server"

Therefore it would be helpful to get my hands on these logs. Not seeing them here: C:\SageCRM\CRM\Logs

Is there another directory where these logs are stored?

Thanks for any suggestions.




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  • Arline

    Generally errors for emails sent within the UI are show in the main System Log (see below).  

    Feb 13 2019 6:17:12.824 5616 6044 4 StartUserAction,User,Action 5 1500

    Feb 13 2019 6:17:13.070 5616 6044 1 There was an error sending your E-mail, the E-mail was not sent. Please consult your system administrator. The specific error was:<BR>No mail server found

    Feb 13 2019 6:17:13.105 5616 6044 5 get help button code: 1500-2 Helpfile is help.htm Using help file Main Menu/Default_CSH.htm#User/EM_SendingAnEmail.htmMain Menu/Default_CSH.htm#User/EM_SendingAnEmail.htm

  • Jeff,

    Thanks, that was very helpful. I had to turn system logging to 'full' in order to see the SMTP logs- thanks for pointing me in the right direction as always.