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Not sure why I can't find this- where is the location of the CRM Email logs? I'm simply trying to configure CRM to send emails using SMTP. I've got the email address, user name, password, port # and other required config items, but 2 things are going wrong and I do not understand why:

1. Despite the fact that the email is received by the recipient, I receive an on-screen error (shown in screenshot).

2. The email is not being filed in the Communications tab, whether I choose the "Outbound E-mails should be filed by:" configuration option of "CRM" or "E-mail Management Server"

Therefore it would be helpful to get my hands on these logs. Not seeing them here: C:\SageCRM\CRM\Logs

Is there another directory where these logs are stored?

Thanks for any suggestions.




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  • Arline

    Generally errors for emails sent within the UI are show in the main System Log (see below).  

    Feb 13 2019 6:17:12.824 5616 6044 4 StartUserAction,User,Action 5 1500

    Feb 13 2019 6:17:13.070 5616 6044 1 There was an error sending your E-mail, the E-mail was not sent. Please consult your system administrator. The specific error was:<BR>No mail server found

    Feb 13 2019 6:17:13.105 5616 6044 5 get help button code: 1500-2 Helpfile is help.htm Using help file Main Menu/Default_CSH.htm#User/EM_SendingAnEmail.htmMain Menu/Default_CSH.htm#User/EM_SendingAnEmail.htm

  • Jeff,

    Thanks, that was very helpful. I had to turn system logging to 'full' in order to see the SMTP logs- thanks for pointing me in the right direction as always.




  • Arline:  Have you been able to resolve your error?  We are getting the same error for a client after upgrading their system from 7.3 to 2018.  Neither myself nor the client's IT team can determine what the issue is.  The logs show that the email cannot be sent but then sends it without authentication.  However, the user still receives the error message on the screen.  

    This is the second client this has happened on.  The first time it was resolved by the client's IT team and they were not clear on how they resolved it.  I am now working with a different client...different IT team and we don't know how to resolved.

    Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  

  • so yes, we did get this resolved ultimately. We had to work closely with the client's IT team. What they finally did was make a modification to the user accounts in Exchange.

    They had to grant the CRM 'email sending' account 'send as' permissions for the individual CRM user's account. I think they had to do this for every CRM user's account. I don't know if this is normal or not, but it did get the emails flowing out of CRM again.

    I created a screen recording for the IT team on how to trigger the error (go to a person record in CRM that was associated with my email account, click New>Email, see the error message, then review the error in the logs). Then I granted them a CRM user account so they could re-create the problem. This really sped up the troubleshooting process and I'd recommend it for any of these fiddly email issues.

    Good luck.