List in Customization cases is hard to select

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Hi anyone encountered the issue like this before?

Step to reproduce:

1. In Sage CRM, go to Administration > Customization > Cases
2. Click Person

Problem: the list in View fields has a GUI problem, please refer to the screenshot.

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  • Hi Ralph,

    Is this the same across different browsers?

      CRM Consultant

    Pinnacle Computing Ltd

  • Tested in IE, Edge, Chrome. The problem is the same

  • Ralph

    The view field box that you are experiencing difficulty is a type of multi select box.  I can not reproduce this on a new install.  Is this problem happening on all View Fields boxes on Adv Search Select fields?  Are you integrated with Sage 300?

  • Yes, my Sage CRM is integrated with Sage 300

  • My hunch then that this is related to the integration.  Wasn't there another UI issue caused by the integration?

  • Yes there was an issue when using 300/CRM integration. Sage released a CSS fix which can be found online. It's somewhere on the Sage Knowledgebase - good luck.