Outlook crashes when using CRM integration to file an email with Sage 2018 R3

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Outlook crashes when using CRM integration to file an email.  I called support to create a ticket for this and was instructed to launch Outlook as an Administrator.  It did fix the problem but now I have everyone in my office has to do that and there's no automated way to do it.

Moreover, when Outlook is run as administrator it removes several options from outlook that we would like to have.

I was told this is happening because of our environment, but nothing beyond that explanation was given.  Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Were you referred to the Troubleshooting Guide that discusses some issues with Outlook?


    But you do need to ensure that each user is a local administrator of their machine.

  • I was not referred to the trouble shooting guide, but did make sure they were added as a administrator locally, internet explorer is in compatiblity modes, and the site is in trusted sites with lowest security setting.  I reviewed the guide and haven't found anything of note yet.

  • Talked to support this morning and received the same response - open outlook by "run as administrator" in order to file email.  Not a viable option.

  • Open Outlook as "run as administrator" to file email.

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  • We are experiencing the same issues since our upgrade to 2018 R2. Running as administrator and putting users as local admins really isn't an acceptable solution...