IE11 compatibility mode for Sage CRM 2018 R3

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Since upgrading to Sage CRM 2018 R3 we cannot display the whole screen on IE11, the filters and buttons on right side of screen are missing and cannot scroll across screen. 

I'm guessing it relates to compatibility mode settings, but I've not found the right combination of settings yet.  Can anyone advise?

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  • Hi Andrew,

    You need to make sure that Display Intranet Site in Compatibility View is turned off and that the CRM site is not added to the Websites you've added to the compatibility view

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  • I have both of these settings as above but still not seeing the filters and buttons on the right hand side of the screen.  And there is no navigation bar on the bottom to shift to the right.

    It displays correctly in Edge and Chrome, unfortunately neither of these have a plugin option for Outlook

  • Other thing to check out as well, is within Internet Options add the CRM site to the Trusted Sites and then lower the security on trusted sites to it's lowest level. 

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  • Just tried this but made no difference.  I've also tried reducing zoom level, but although reducing text size the filters remain off screen to the right.

  • We've had the same issue elsewhere and it was due to Custom Content. Check to see if you have any custom content using old code like Window.Onload. If so switch it over to the newer crm.ready. Have a look at this community post for more info.

    It could also be down to screen resolution if the resolution is too high, this only seems to affect CRM in IE11 and works fine in Chrome. Try reducing the screen resolution or zooming in to over 135% in IE and see if the buttons come back.

  • Search for the rughtbuttonpanel section in ergonomic.css and delete the line below that says ‘fixed’. Save and refresh the browser.

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