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I have several accounts that somehow ended up having duplicated contacts in them. I am trying to merge the duplicate contacts together. I was able to do so for a few accounts, and now all of a sudden I am not able to anymore. 

I can merge people in some companies but others I can not. When I click Change on the people record, I see the "Merge Person" button appear and then it quickly disappears. 

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi Tolden,

    Have you tried it on different browsers or may be an issue with screen resolution I guess ?

  • It does occur in both Chrome and Internet Explorer. On some accounts, it shows just fine, but on other it disappears - so I am not sure how it could be the screen resolution

  • The screen resolution does crop up sometimes when investigating issues with buttons.  This is down to how the CSS is rendered.

    I am not sure that this is the case here but can you do a 'ctrl zero' to return the browser zoom to '0'.

    Have you got any client side code running?  Perhaps some script in the customer content of the companyboxlong or a script in the custom JS folder that is designed to work on another button but is catching this one?

  • The ctrl zero didn't work.

    I did just see in the knowledgeable that this function isn't allowed on integrated synced records. Does this mean if I have the contacts synced between Sage 100 and Sage CRM that I will not be able to merge duplicate persons together? If this is indeed the case, which it seems like it is what is happening, how do we go about merging these duplicates in?

    I don't want to have to manually delete, because I am finding communications and opportunities under both duplicates. Also there are a ton of duplicates so manually deleting would take some time.

    Any suggestions?

  • I can understand the logic of not allowing duplicates to be merged if they have been synched with the accounting system.  Synching creates a relationship between the accounting system record and the CRM record.  The accounting system will have very strict rules around it especially if there have been records created for that account within the system.  Merging the company on the CRM side would also require you to merge the contact details on the accounting side which could play merry hell with the integrity of the financial data.

    Having said that I don't know enough about Sage 100 to comment on the procedure that you would need to follow.  The support team should have a workaround.