Mailchimp campaign results not synchronizing

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On a 2017R2 server the sync process for retrieving the Mailchimp campaign results is somehow not being excuted.

It is possible to send the Mailgroup to Mailchimp and create and send the Mailchimp campaign but the Last sychronization is never updated.

If I try the api key and list id on the developement or the test server it works fine, the problem only occurs on the production server. 

Does anyone know how the synchronisation is executed (escalation of tomcat?)

Where could I check for further errors?

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  • After changing the tomcat logging level for mailchimp the following message is available in the mailchimp log:

    INFO  [localhost-startStop-1]: 26-Mar-2019 07:44:56.566 MailChimpTaskScheduler wasn't registered - this is multiserver environment and current machine is not the main one


    What setting should be changed to point to the correct primary server?

  • For anyone having this issue:

    Open up command prompt on the server, run the "hostname" command and make a note of the result e.g. "server-001"

    Open up the crm database and run the following sql: select * from custom_sysparams where parm_name = 'servernames'

    The "parm_value" is a list of server names separated by a semicolon. The hostname found above must be the first server name in this list e.g. 'server-001;server123;'

  • Hi ,

    thanks for the response, i'm fairly sure the names were correct before.

    But after changing the names now to what you mentioned is worked.