Opportunity showing twice in the "New" Menu

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When in CRM and go to add a new record, the option to add a "new opportunity" appears twice in the "New" menu.

Selecting either option takes you to the same place - the New Opportunity screen.

I found the following post https://community.sagecrm.com/user_community/f/84/t/9849.aspx which seems very similar however there is only one entry for this in the Custom_tabs table, which has a low ID and marking this as deleted in SQL results in removing both "New Opportunity" options from CRM even after Metadata refresh.

Administration | Advanced Customization | System Menus - there is only one option here also.

I amended the Translation on one and it changed both.

Therefore this looks to me to be a display issue but I can't find how to fix it.

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  • Hi Sandy

    This is controlled by the Workflows, have a look at what primary rules your have and what States are marked as 'Entry State'

      CRM Consultant

    Pinnacle Computing Ltd

  • Hi Matthew, One Primary Rule, One Entry State although this was the wrong state so I have set the correct state to be Entry State and unticked Entry state on the incorrect state. Ran Metadata Refresh but the duplicate is still showing.