User Selection field receiving Too Many Records

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I have user selection fields that limit the number of people that can appear in the drop down. I need this limitation removed from my system. System > System Behavior > Search select advanced fields grid size: had no affect. Neither did:

 update Custom_SysParams set Parm_Value = '100' where Parm_Name = N'DropdownThreshold'

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  • DropdownThreshold is the value that acts as the trigger point which changes User Select and Team Select fields into a 'intelligent selects' - the ones with search boxes.

    MaxRecordsForGridAdvSearchSelect is the one that controls the Search select advanced fields grid size.

  • Okay so going to System > System Behavior > Search select advanced fields grid size: Which I set to 250, but still I am receiving the Too many records and there are only 113 items in the user select list.

    Further more, adding items as users and setting them as resources are what is killing this, as I cannot figure out how to limit those lists on some screens like the My CRM Calendar list for those who have access to all Team Member tasks.

  • But a User Selection List and Team Select Lists are not Search Select Advanced fields.  They are different entry types of the category Intelligent Select.


  • I appreciate the knowledge, but please understand that I am not as proficient with the software as you, and you did not directly answer my question. After logging in got to My CRM Calendar there is a drop down of all users that has an item that says Too Many Records. Can/How do I fix this? I don't really want to have to limit any records if I don't have to.

  • Don't know if there is an "official" way to do this.

    I haven't fully tested this so it might not work, but put the following JS in the wwwroot/js/custom folder and refresh metadata, clear cache etc.

    This should increase the limit from 100 to 1000.


    if(typeof TableLookUpSELECTUser === "function")


    eval(TableLookUpSELECTUser.toString().replace('lc>100', 'lc>1000'));



  • Mr. Kingsbury:

    I appreciate the feedback and I did try this but It did not work.

  • Ah, try this one:

    crm.ready(function() {

       if (typeof TableLookUpSELECTUser === "function") {

 , TableLookUpSELECTUser.toString().replace('lc>100', 'lc>1000'));



  • Holy Crap it worked... I appreciate that so much, JavaScript is definitely one of my weaker languages. I am so glad the Community exists. Thank you so much John. I didn't have to clear my Cache to have it take affect...