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Hi All,

I have created over the years plenty of 'linked' selection list fields so that drop downs are automatically filtered by the drop down that precedes it by using both JS with 'normal' selection drop down and by using Advanced Search Selects but, what I want to be able to do is to create the same thing but by using Multi Select fields.  

The requirement is that when entering an Opportunity a user has 3 multi select fields e.g.

oppo_type (3 values)

oppo_product (20 values)

oppo_supplier (30 values)

A user wants to be able to select any number of 'Types' (which the multi select will allow them to).  Once they have selected a 'Type' they then need to select multiple values against the 'Product' but this list needs to only contain the product values that are applicable to the selected 'Types'.  i.e. if I select only 2 Types then I only want the Products associated to those to be available in the Product multi select.  

Likewise, i want the same to apply to the 3rd multi select which would only show the values applicable to the selected Products. 

I have a feeling that this won't be possible but, thought I would post it here to begin with but if not, does anyone have any advice on how I can achieve this without having to create multiple fields for each permutation?  

Basically, I want to try and handle this using only 3 fields but the key thing is that the user needs to be able to select multiple values for each field against an opportunity but each field is filtered by the preceding field.

Thanks in advance for any input.



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  • This should be fairly straight forward if you have full control over the selection list codes. Javascript knowledge required though.

    As a starting point/example, 3 fields with the following codes:



















    If 0001 is selected in field 1, only display values in field 2 that start with 0001:

    if 0001 and 0003 are selected in field 1, display values on field 2 that start with 0001: or 0003:

    if 0001:0001, 0002:0003, 0003:0005 are selected in field 2, only display values in field 3 that start with 0001:0001:, 0002:0003:, or 0003:0005:

  • Hi John,

    I have this setup already.

    I have tried the 'normal' approach to this however, it just does nothing... I have tried it with Selection Drop Downs and it works fine.  If I try the same logic with Multi-Selects (what this post was referring to) I just can't get it to work *sad face*

  • I tried it with Selection Drop Downs and it works just fine.

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  • I have this setup so I now have the fields linked but, as i suspected, using this with Multi-Select fields doesn't allow me to select more than one value.

    Has anyone done this before?  If I select more than one value in any of the fields then the subsequent field just displays all values, i.e. it only works if I only select one value from each multi-select field.  

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Use the following code I have developed recently for this purpose. This assumes that each child option starts with the full value of the parent option plus a hyphen.

    It can be used like filterSelect("oppo_type", "oppo_product");


  • Thanks John, I will have a look into it and do some more testing.  Much Appreciated.