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I wanted to create an auto-generated date field (follow-up as seen on the attachment) which is one year after date of production. Attached the image of the screen and the fields in it.


can someone help me on this?

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  • If this is a screen built using workflow then for the date field workflow action use the action type 'Set Column Value'.  When that action type is used with a date field the Value box is opened.  You can enter a number her that is the offset (in minutes) from the current date/time.  If you want a year offset use 525600.

  • Or you could use the EXECUTE SQL on Workflow, lets assume the fields are called oppo_production and oppo_followup. Then you could use

    UPDATE Opportunity SET oppo_followup = DATEADD(Year,1,oppo_production) WHERE oppo_opportunityid = #oppo_opportunityid#

    Set this up with no notification and an order number like 999

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  • Thanks for that.Yes it is a screen built using workflow. The idea you proposed works under the perspective of current date/time. Here its more like the Followup field is dependent onto 'Date of Production'.  So it must be one year after the value given in 'date of production' field.

    @Matthew Thanks for your response but I couldn't get a proper output with the same.

  • Alex

    Then in the CreateScript of the field set the DefaultValue to be the correct date.


  • thank you so much! only this helped me, too

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