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Hi ,

1. I want to set up an email notification when a particular opportunity (oppo_description) is being lost.(oppo_stage = 'Lost').

I am not able to get through the 'Escl_xxx' variables.( Escl_WorkflowRuleId, Escl_EscalationId etc.. -  their usage) . Can someone help me with the SQL trigger clause for this please?

2. Also, there was an email notification being set up whenever a high value opportunity(based on forecast) was being created. Unfortunately, the email notifications are going uncontrolled. They keep on coming after 5-10 minutes rather than just notifying once in the mailbox.

The trigger used here was:

#U=1 and oppo_forecast > '100000' and  oppo_status='In Progress' and ((Escl_EscalationId is NULL ) OR (Escl_WorkflowRuleId <> 10167) OR ((Escl_WorkFlowRuleId = 10167) and Escl_Datetime < #T AND Escl_UserId = 1))

I tried checking the Administration -> Advanced Customization -> Workflow & Escalation Configuration : Notify interval (sec) field but that didnt work out, nor Notification Display Count field.

Can someone help me on this?


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  • Hi Alex

    1. Are you using Workflows? If so you can add an action to the 'Lost' step that as the user loses an opportunity it update the corresponding fields of the opportunity but also emails someone to let them know.

    2. It's what I cann as a 'stop field', the action was to send an email, but then every 5 minutes CRM checks every escalation and runs each one. so where this rule alerted someone but then didn't update the record to say that it has previously send the message. Check out the standard rule of 'Email Reminder' and note how it updates a field cmli_smsmessagesent = 'Y' and the SQL Trigger only fires if this field is NULL

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