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Good day,

I have setup the advanced email manager succesfully and emails that is sent to the destination account gets allocated to the communications tab for a company.

We want to create a company say "Leads" and then allocate the email adress to the company so that emails get logged under the communcation tab, is there a way that we can convert communcations to leads or is there another way to go about this.

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Charl van Tonder

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  • Hi Charl

    You would need a second mail box and a script to handle that, an usual solution here is where you might have a form on your website which a visitor fills in and hits the submit button. This then sends an email somewhere.

    If there were directed to a dedicated mailbox, CRM can monitor it and then any emails it finds it creates a Lead record for them.

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  • Hi Matthew,

    We have setup an email for testing purposes to import communications from this mailbox and this is working.

    When I open the communcation there is no action button available to convert it to a lead:

    Would this require development to add the action to convert this to a lead / Is this possible?

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  • You could do this either by modifying the communication.js file in the crm scripts folder or by creating a post insert table script to create the related record after the communion is inserted into crm. It’s all development though and not possible via point and click customisation.

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  • Great, thank you Daniel, much appreciated.

    Kind Regards