License key has expired

  • When trying to install Sage CRM 6.2 on a brand new windows server 2008 64-bit machine, from the start I get 'License key has expired', even if it is not installed.  The software keeps on installing.  When finished I you try to start the application, it gives the same error again.

    When checking the registry, I see that the needed keys are not provided.

    Anybody who can help why this happens from starting up.

    Remark: even when not applying the keys and trying to use the evaluation version, it gives the same error.


  • Did you get the keys more than 30 days ago, supposedly they have a shelf life and have ot be used ot they expire, 30 days is what i was told.

  • The internal trial key for Sage CRM 6.2 has expired now that Sage CRM v7 is available.  Developer Program members still needing a trial key for Sage CRM 6.2 can obtain that within the Partner area.  Other partners and customers needing a trial key need to contact their local support teams who can provide you with a license.

  • But CRM v7 is not being released to some partners until May.  So this might be an issue for some of us.

  • All OpCos can can still provide keys for Sage CRM 6.2 including trial keys.