Adding a button (Button Groups) to SageCRM

  • Hi,

    I'm testing out the button groups functionality within SageCRM. My aim is to create a button that will create a new case.

    I did the following:

    SageCRM / Administration / Advanced Customization / Button Groups and I created a new button group called "Add case". Select action was set to "newcase".

    Then I went to the button Groups content and I created 3 buttons for testing purposes:

    - Button 1 (label) , customfile (action) and Project/ProjectSummary.asp (Custom File). I tried to add a button to a newly created entity.

    - Button 2 (label), other (action) and personsummary (System Act).

    - Button 3 (label), runblock (action) and testblock (Block Name).

    I gave a bitmap picture to each button and I did a metadatarefresh and IISReset, but when checking the Project Summary and different parts I don't find back these buttons. According to the programmers guide you don't have anything special to do to see these buttons it will appear from itself.

    What did I forget? I'm working with SageCRM 6.2 patch E.

    With regards,

  • The feature "Button Groups" allows you to add additional custom button to system screens. If you create the Button Group associated with the 'newcase' system action then you can expect those buttons to appear on the New Case screen.  

    Button Groups are only useable within System Screens not custom ASP pages or .NET application extensions.  But I have discussed in a previous article how you can use Tabgroups to define Action Buttons in COM API ASP.  See