How To : make a custom search screen become my default search screen

  • Hi everyone, I'm a french developper on SAGE CRM, new on this forum. Please forgive my poor english.

    First, I really want to congratulate you for this site because this is a gold mine for me and it helps me every day.

    So like I said in the title I have made a custom search screen and I want it to become my default search screen so that the screen appears when I click on the left menu's search button with the LEFT button of the mouse.

    I tried to add a new " InitialFindScreen " custom caption  in the choice list of user preference but it doesn't work because I do not really know what I can put in...and I think thaht's not enough...

    So If anyone know how I must do ? Thanks a lot for those who'll help me.



  • Hi there.

    There is no official way to do this - the list for the InitialFindScreen in preferences is hardcoded. Even if you added in a new option it would not do anything except fall back to the default which is Company Find.

    It would be a nice enhancement if this list was based on whatever is in your Find tab group.

    However there is a cheat that might work for you - if you select -- None -- for your Initial Find screen preference then it will default to the first item in the Find tab group. So you can edit your Find tab and move your custom search up to be the first item in the list. I know that is not ideal but it's the only workaround available at the moment.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi ! Your solution is just GREAT ! It works very well !

    Thank you very much for your precious help !