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  • Hi i'm new to sageCRM and i've been hired in a company where i have to make this work But constantly I have the admin user lock out or "utilisateur evincĂ©" and this is crazy I mean what system permits that the admin ID should be lockout? pls I need help
  • Hi

    The Admin user account is set up by default when the system is installed but its very possible that after that time the customer will user other accounts as the Administrator

    So the Admin account doesn't have Super Admin status.

    In any case you will be able to unlock this account and log in if you have access to the database

    Log onto the CRM database , access the Users table and update the field User_AccountLockedOut

    If you need a script for this let me know



  • Thx Elaine how can i give him Super Admin Status ? so that i don't have this lock out message??

    Where can i  check wich One has the super Admin rigths?


  • Hi

    Would you be able to log a support case with your local Sage support team ?

    They will be able to set this up for you



  • Just to explain the "craziness"

    Accounts are locked out if there are a number of attempts to log on with an invalid password. This is a security measure. Could there be someone else trying to log on with the admin password that is causing the lock out? There might be more info on this in the system log file.

    You can control the lock out threshold and duration in Admin\Users\user Configuration - Click the help button on these screen to get more info on these settings.

  • Hi Elaine,

    I would like to have the update script plaese

  • Hi ,

    change the Account Lockout Threshold  

    Administration -> Users -> User Configuration

    Account Lockout Threshold

    Set to the number of times a user is allowed to enter their password before being locked out of the system. For example, if this is set to 3, if a user enters their password incorrectly three times, they are locked out of the system. A message is displayed "Error: The user is locked out". The user either waits the lockout duration before trying again, or an administrator goes into the user's record and unlocks them.




    Siju Varghese

  • Hi Siju,

    I have done all the usual things, however the admin account still remains lockout, and will not rest even after 12 hrs, This is in Version 7, has anyone else experienced this?

  • Hi ,

    check the recent log files , make  External Logon Allowed: to False for admin user  in the user settings , if webservices are  not using .

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    Siju Varghese

  • Allow webservices also make it false and try .


    Siju Varghese

  • Hi,


    Try the following,


    1.       Configure all the users license type to none (not concurrent).

    2.       Check the following link,

    3.       Did you upgrade your system for a previous version or it was a fresh installation?

    4.       Do you have a solo license? If yes disable the solo for all the users

    5.       Do you use IIS auto login? If yes turn it off.


    Best regards,

    Ibrahim Younis

    United Business Applications (UBA)


    Best Regards,
    Ibrahim Younis | United Business Applications
  • Thanks, I had to  make changes  in the Database, but I will bear your comments in mind should it occur again.

  • Hi GonzalesR,

    Is this resolved for now then ? If you experience a lockout again the best advice would be to contact your Sage CRM regional support and they will assist you.