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  • I am wondering how a phone system does integrate with CRM?  I know there is capabilities but I am not sure where to start looking for information.  The client is looking for a pop up screen caller ID system and I know it also integrates with the outbound calling system in CRM.  Point me in the right direction please as they are just starting to evaluate new phone systems.    

    Kari-Ann Ryan

    WAC Consulting Group

  • Hi Kari-Ann,

    We support telephone integration through CTI integration.

    There is a CTI guide under  if you have access to this

    CRM CTI provides CTI-enabled users with telephony functionality from their desktops, via the Sage CRM interface. Users can select any hyperlinked

    telephone number in the system to call that number, and any incoming calls are matched with contacts in the CRM system so that users can quickly view contact details while they talk, or even before they take the call.

    CRM requires a TAPI driver on the client machine in order to communicate with the Telephony Server. If you have a CSTA or TSAPI solution you will require a 3rd party TAPI client in order to integrate with CRM.

    So one of the main things you would need to establish with the client is what kind of telephony system and server they have

    If you have a look at this site it gives a good overview of how CTI works

    Also there are partner built add-ons for CTI






  • Thank you I will look it over.  

    Kari-Ann Ryan

    WAC Consulting Group

  • Elaine,

    Can a 100 version of CRM be CTI enabled?  

    Kari-Ann Ryan

    WAC Consulting Group

  • Hi Kari-Ann,

    I will double check with my colleagues but to my knowledge CTI is not available with 100 and rather only with 200

     Here are the differences between SageCRM 100 and SageCRM 200:

    The core functionality, Sales force, Marketing & Customer Care Automation is included in both the 100 & 200 products.

    They also both include the customizability, configurability and flexibility you have come to expect from SageCRM.

    Along with the core functionality SageCRM 100 allows up to 30 users, and the Enterprise Integration Server.  Solo offline clients are available at an additional cost.

    SageCRM 200 allows unlimited users, now includes the Enterprise Integration Server, Wireless Mobile Users (Pocket PC) and CTI in the base server price.  Solo offline users are also available at an additional per named user cost.

    Hope this helps

  • Hello Elaine,

    i need your help to understand the integration between both SageCRM 200 and Avaya AES!

    since AES TSAPI need (Tlink,username password ) to work where can i update this on Sage?

    please advise...

  • Dear Elaine,


    Appreciate your early advice regarding the above question.


    Best regards,

    Ibrahim Younis

    United Business Applications (UBA)

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    Ibrahim Younis | United Business Applications
  • The answer lies in the question itself, Sage CRM supports only TAPI based drivers, the CTI Documentation clearly says Sage CRM recognizes TAPI drivers. For TSAPI you will need to depend on custom frameworks like QGate or you would have to write your own interface with Sage CRM. We have several integrations here in india with Avaya and ASPECT where the standard CRM captures in the custom login screen the CRM (username, password) Telephony Interface(StationID, username and password) which then posts the data to the telephony server as well as crm, when a response is recieved from both of them the browser is painted with mutliple frames where one of the frame displays CRM, the other frame displays the CTI Dialer and the third frame contains the telephony events control which then generates the pop action. Hope this helps


    Kannan Srinivasan

  • SYNETY CloudCall now provides a NON TAPI solution wich will integrate with any phone system, click here to see how.  Please feel free to contact me for further information.

    Lorraine Nicol

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  • Hi Loraine or anyone else,

    I see this is an old post, hopefully you are still around and can help.

    I have a client that has an Avaya system IP Office Manager Version 9.1.60 build 153

    We have done all the setups in CRM but we are having a challenge with the Avaya tech people because they don't seem to know how CRM makes calls to the Avaya system and you to set things up.

    Do you or does anyone have a document or instructions on this or is anyone available to help.

    This client is based in California, USA.



  • We have an IP Office system as well and tried for months to get it to work with SageCRM.  Sage tech support, admitted their solution isn't supported/doesn't work.  Only solution we found is the Greytrix add-on, that I think is north of $10k.  We have not used it, looking for a Ring Central or similar solution now.  Any suggestions welcome.

  • Hello

    I am sorry that you have been experiencing such issues with getting CTI to work with your system.  

    Sage CRM's CTI capability is enabled through TAPI.    TAPI client software needs to be installed on all user machines who will work with Sage CRM CTI because Sage CRM is compatible only with systems that provide a TAPI driver. A TAPI driver must be present on the client machine.

    My understanding is that Avaya IP Office does provide CTI capabilities via TAPI