Disable Inactive product selection

  • Hi,

    I am creating a screen to add products to a company.

    I want to use the Product Family as a selection but don't want to include product families marked as inactive. Nevertheless, all the inactive families show up in the selection drop-down. I can't delete them (CRM doesn't allow that).

    Any ideas, please?



  • What version are you using?  I am trying this in Sage CRM v7.1 and setting the flag 'active' to No for both productfamily and product but the options disappeared as expected from the Search Select Advanced fields.

  • Version 7.0.c.2

    I found a way around it though ...

  • or you could have simply used SearchSQL field to put a condition as below

    prfa_active = 'Y'

    If you provide the above in the Search SQL field, only active product families will list.