Adding Communications to Outbound Call List

  • I found this great article,  I added a new tab for Communication List, but as the article indicates in the notes, by default the info is for the user not the person.  How do I get a Communications tab (a list of communications) for the person being called?  the summary view of 4 records just isn't enough.


    Thank you for your assistance,

    Chris @ ACC

  • Chris

    I have not been able to look at this deeply.  But the article provides the URL used when explaining the context is for the user.


    The key values do list the company and person details.  Key1 and Key2.  This should mean that you could use CRM.GetContextInfo("person", "pers_personid") to grab the ID of the person in some ASP code.  You can then create a list of the communication.  

    You will need to avoid generating the tab group in any output page as this could make a mess of your navigation.

  • I have been struggling trying to create the asp to handle this.  Is the correct order to call the container object, then  call the communicationgrid, and then populate the grid using the context info that I inserted into a variable as the parameter argument?