Disable Date Time Picker???

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Hi All

How can i Disable Date Time Picker So i can't select date ???

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  • Hi John,

    Do you want to hide the input field, or only disable the picker? I'm just a little curious regarding what you're trying to set up. The field itself's used for appointment / task scheduling, so it would be a little unusual that you're trying to disable it.

    I suppose one use case might be that you set the date for appointments / tasks automatically (i.e., that they're going to be added on the next date with that time available), and that you'd only have control over the date. In that case you'd need to do a little customisation - there's no time only field in CRM (or indeed in SQL Server). You'd need to add a custom field (with a custom time picker), and apply that time to the automatically generated date using a table level or validate script.

    If you're trying to do this on a custom field, I'd add it as a text field, then add a time picker and custom validation rules.



  • Hi Abu Zo3bi,

    man try this script it could be what you need,

    PS: i made this script works on quot entity - expire delivery field (try it on different entity)









    comment me back if this is not what you need.


  • Thanks Rob

    thnaks Ibrahim :) its work