show current logged-in user in 7.2 version

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How to display some of the logged-in user attributes (firstname, lastname, ...) in the top frame aligned right.

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  • Hello

    Sorry for the late reply.  I've only just seen your post.  This can be done.  Add the following into any screen's custom content box.


    crm.ready(function () {

    var myOutPut = "<table border=0><tbody><tr><td><div id=chartContainer>"+CurrentUser.user_displayname+"</div></td></tr></tbody></table>";

    var x = $("#EWARE_TOP").children();

    var y = $(x).children();

    var z = $(y).children();

    var a = $(z).children("td:last");




  • Thank you Jeff,

    It doesn't work. I tried in Standard and Custom entities. I putted it in "Company Search Screen".

    I have 18 custom entities with many pages. Is there a way to put the code in one place ? I found some codes in the the net that works in 7.1, but not in 7.2 with the frames change!


  • I wrote that code for use in screens like the Company Summary screen.  The exact code may differ to make it work on all screens - I just adapted some code I was using for something else.  I will be writing an article that will discuss how to add code to all screens in 7.2 in the year but if you are a Sage business partner and want to access some example code then please look at the code here:

  • I get it => more simpler (only one entry) solution  :

    in "Translation", translate "Recent" Code of the "RecentList" Family to :

    Recent <script> top.document.title="My CRM - " + CurrentUser.user_displayname;</script>

    Then, you'll get the user for all screens :-)


  • That's a sneaky trick but it is generally frowned upon to use Translations to inject code into the screen.

  • I agree. This should the ultimate way to get a quick and simple solution.

    Could you please help me for this issue ?




  • Dear nrouis,the above code you posted to display logged on user name thorugh transalations of recent code does not work..actually whatever written in <script></script> tag does not work..can you suggest another method to show logged on user name on every screen of crm.

    Thanks in advance

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    I tested nrouis' code and it works well in 7.2

    I can see the login user name on the title bar.

    Kristi Feng