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Hi All

Be gentle its my first day :)

We have just started with Sage CRM and I am looking into customising the Lead Summary Screen. I have created a new view and added it to the LeadEntryBlock. However it does not appear on the Lead Summary Screen or New Lead Entry Screen. I have made sure there are valid fields on the new view just in case the view was collapsing but it still does not display. 

I have tried searching through the help and online but unless I am using incorrect terminology I cannot find anything.



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  • What is it you are wanting to do exactly?

    Are you looking to re-create the lead summary screen? Or add fields to it?

  • CRM_Leads_NewScreen_24-07-2014.jpg


    It was easier to create an image to show you. We have heavily customised the fields on the lead entry screen and although this is great for recording all the data we require it is not so good for user input. So the plan is to tidy this screen up into relevant sections. I would like to add a new section at the bottom of the Lead Summary Screen, Im sorry but If I miss use the terms Screen and Block but still getting my head around them.

    The image show what I am after. I would also like to make others if this is successful.



  • Hi Harry,

    Welcome to Sage CRM world!

    I understood your requirement that you are looking to add new section under Lead Screen. As per standard Sage CRM, it is not feasible to add new Block in standard screen.

    Rather, you can add a new dummy field (say lead_dummy as text) and add this on LeadPersonScreen at bottom with New Line property. Now, on CreateScript of lead_dummy field write below script:

      Caption="<hr><h5>New Screen<h5><hr>";


    Click on Update and add other fields which you want to add in this section, then save the screen.


  • You can add new blocks to the standard screen, however, it will take some coding to do so, it is not something that can be configured through the UI.

  • Hi

    Thank you both for your suggestions. It seems to be quite a process to add something that I thought would be simple, typical :)

    I am wondering if it may be better to leave the summary screen altogether and create a series of Tabs for each action i,e, Brochure Lead / Booking Lead etc. If they contain the same fields as each other for like data then the additional fields for their bespoke purposes this may be a tidier solution. That way the user can ignore the lead summary and just pop into the respective tab.

    Any thoughts? Although my original intent was to modify the Summary screen I am open to alternative solutions.

    Thanks again for your help it is much appreciated. I am still finding my way around the program.


  • New tabs is indeed one option. It organises your data quite neatly, the downside is that the user is not prompted to complete it when they go to create a new lead, they would have to visit the tab and enter the details required. The process would be like adding a lead for each tab.

  • Hi

    My thinking was that as we get specific Lead types i.e. a Brochure Request / Sales Request or Holiday Request that only one tab would be completed each time a lead came in i.e. when a Brochure request came in the user would select new lead, click the Brochure Lead Tab, complete the data and done. Then if a Holiday request came in they would again click new Lead but this time select the Holiday Booking Lead Tab and so forth. Hopefully this way they can only complete one tab for each request. The common fields would would be shared between tabs i.e. each would contain the same Name and Address field but also specific fields to the tab.

    Does that sound feasible? I have analyzed this and cannot think of anything negative with the exception of the user having to select the tab.



  • You would have to completely customise the new action, as it will take you to the summary screen. You could look at workflow to help aid this, but it would be grouped onto one screen. You could hide fields based on the leads type however.

  • Hi

    Ahh never thought of adding new New functions to the menus. Interesting. I was just counting on them to create a new lead then click the correct tab. Will look into that thanks.

    And thanks to all for the help it has been very helpful.


  • I would approach this through workflow, new lead workflow for holiday booking lead, new lead workflow for brochure etc. This way you can restrict the fields to the specific type of product /  service for which the lead needs to be created. The visibility of the fields also can be controlled via this method. Added advantage is you can control the visibility of the relevant blocks with some client side scripts


    Kannan Srinivasan

  • Hi Kannan

    I have avoided workflow as we have one in place for our sales leads and wasn't familiar enough with the system to know if you could have more than one workflow in place per data type, i.e. Lead / Account etc.

    I will take another look at this once I have a better understanding of the way it works.



  • Does anyone know how to get rid of this large blank space under each dummy field & before the other fields?