Query for recommended deployment between ReST and SOAP

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I'm working as a developer and building an integration between Sage CRM and client tool.

We will be supporting both latest on-premise and Cloud professional version of SAGE CRM.

Both of these versions are supporting same set of APIs {both Rest and SOAP}


Could you please suggest recommended deployment between ReST and SOAP?

and also could you please let us know which one of these deployment you will be considering for your future product roadmap?



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  • I think you have been able to find the documentation and the details of the end points.

    There are lots of resources within the Hints, Tips and Tricks blog that you can find on this community.

    The RESTful API and SData 2.0 represents the way in which the APIs are going to develop over the coming releases.  It is more mature within the cloud edition.  In the current version of Sage CRM 7.3 the RESTful API is ReadOnly but this will change and offer in future full CRUD.  

    The SOAP API will still exist and be a alternative within the on premise version.