Global variable containing a server name used by emails within escalation rules.

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I took a copy of a database on a test server and restored it on a different server which has a different IP.

Changed couple of variables in the restored CRM as well.

However, in my escalation rule, i am trying to send an email in 5 min intervals.

When that happens, in ewaresystem.log file there is a link pointing to the previous server as shown bellow:

BrowseUrl URL: http://myservername/sdata/crmj/metadata/-/$service/refreshAll?MetadataVersion=3621&SID=112958915333378 

Id like to fix that but the problem is, i dont know where the server name (myservername) is retrieved from.

Could anyone help me to find out the source of this variable please?

Any comments or suggestion are welcome.

Thank you.

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  • There is a server name variable in custom_sysparams, I am not sure that is where that is coming from, but it is worth changing to the new server name if it is not already:

    SELECT *

    FROM Custom_sysparams

    WHERE parm_name = 'ServerNames'

    Run an IIS Reset or Metadata refresh after changing.

  • Thanks Toby, that's exactly what i was looking for.