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Any customer loyalty module available in market?



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  • Raja

    I rather naively assumed that Sage CRM, when correctly used within an organisation committed to customer service was actually a customer loyalty system.

  • Hi Jeff,

    We are Value added distributor we would like to give some rewards to our re-seller salesperson as per their purchase order.So we are looking a reward based loyalty system which is able to integrated with Sage CRM.



  • Ah!  I see what you mean.

    Are the rewards for the distributor, or are the rewards for the customer?  Whose loyalty are you rewarding?  Do you know the end customer?

    Are you working with Sage CRM integrated with a business management (accounting) solution?  I think often Loyalty systems are driven from the accounting system and then surfaced in Sage CRM.  I am aware of a Sage partner company called Kinspeed that provides a loyalty system.

    But there may be development partners like Greytrix, Code Partners and Enbu who have done work around this area.  

  • Hi Jeff,

    Rewards only with Reseller-customer/Sales Person not end user.Sage CRM and Sage 300 is our current setup.Any suggestion?

  • Rajasaravanan

    I have 2 immediate suggestions

    1) Check with the team in your local Sage office.  

    2) Have a look at the Sage 300 Community:

    You may have to sing up and join the community to ask a question in the forums.

  • Thanks Jeff

  • raja, there is something that might be of help, we have a pre integrated Web loyalty solution for Sage CRM developed by a local vendor that connects to an underlying POS, there  is a scheduled release for integration into Sage 300 transactions as well. Give me a call to discuss this.


    Kannan Srinivasan

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    Kannan Srinivasan