New button defaulting to Custom Entity

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I have an issue in CRM 7.2.a.1 and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on it.

I have a Custom Entity that is linked to the person record.

In other words a Person "has" some of these entities.

What is happening, is that if I create a new person, then create one of these custom entities for that person, the next time I click on the "New" button it defaults to the New screen for the custom entity.

This is causing a problem as the users are entering multiple records at a time and are getting confused.

Is there any way at all that we can make the New Person the default action for the New button?

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  • Are the new screens created using ASP or the .NET API?

    I think this is because when you create the person record you change the context to that of the newly create person.  

    You can see this in the URL.

    I would guess that the key0 variable is set to key0=2&key2=x, where x is the ID of the newly create Person record.

    How does the contextual information change as you create a new custom entity record?

    Once the record is saved in either the ASP or the .NET page the screen will be redirected to the summary screen and the context can be set to make sure that when the new button is next hit it defaults to creating the person and not the custom entity.

  • Hi Jeff,

    It's classic ASP. It's a fairly basic custom entity created with Custom Entity wizard.

    You are correct, the last screen they are on before they hit New again is the Summary page for the newly created custom entity. I'll have a look at setting the context in there. Thanks!!

  • Gerry

    It may be a better idea to look at the Response.Redirect that is used in the New page for the custom entity.  You could control the context at that point.

  • Or not.  Give both ideas a run.