A few queries on Sage CRM - widely used version, release date and backward compatibility

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We are a team developing a connector for Sage CRM. We need following inputs for us to proceed with our development:

1. We need information on the customer base for the Sage CRM versions, i.e. which version of Sage CRM is being widely used at present?

2. We need to know when the present cloud version (Sage CRM Professional 2016 R1) was released? Any references / documentation pointing to this will be helpful.

3. We are presently working on Sage CRM Professional 2016 R1 for our development. We would like to know about the backward compatibility for the APIs of Sage CRM. Inputs on compatibility support for at least two previous versions would be helpful.

Any help on the inputs / documentation for the above three items would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Geetansh

    Are you using Cloud only?  If you are working with Sage CRM 2016 R1 please note that there are two versions.  Professional and Essentials.  The SData and SOAP web services are available only for the Professional version of the Cloud edition.

    See:  issuu.com/.../sage_crm_cloud_editions_datasheet

    When a new version of Sage CRM Cloud edition is released there is a staggered upgrade path to bring all Cloud customers to the current version.  Typically new trials start on the latest version, but very quickly the customers on the different data centres are upgraded.

    We don't therefore have to consider support for previous versions in our Cloud environment.

  • Thanks a lot Jeff for the details.

    I have one related query to it. I am thinking from backward compatibility perspective of REST APIs.

    For example - If I develop the integration using Sage CRM Professional 2016 R1 REST APIs, then the customers having earlier version of Sage CRM (Cloud or On Premise) may not be able to use it completely.

    Could you please share your inputs on backward compatiblity side of the REST APIs.

    Also could you please advise us on the version of Sage CRM used by most of the Sage CRM customer like % of customers using Cloud and % or customer using On Premise?

  • Brajmohan

    As I said the SData API is only relevant to customers with the Professional edition.  But you can assume that all Cloud customers will be using that API as everyone is moved automatically to the same version.  There are no instances of Sage CRM 2014 R1 for example.

    If you are using the SData 2.0 API then this is fully CRUD but is only available for the Cloud edition.  The on premise versions use only SData 1.0 as ReadOnly.

    See:    community.sagecrm.com/.../sage-crm-7-2-a-round-up-of-articles-to-help-you-use-the-sdata-provider.aspx

  • Thanks again Jeff. This helps a lot to us.

    Just one more point I would like to know -  Is there any way other than SDATA (like SOAP APIs) through which we can perform full CRUD (read and write both) operations in both On Premise and Cloud.

  • The common APIs between Cloud and On Premise

    are SData 1.0 ReadOnly

    and SOAP web services with full CRUD.