Is it possible to increase the return record count value from Webservice query/queryrecord

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I am to import data using Sage CRM  for that i am using the SageCRM.

It's working  perfectly ok for me but when the umport data count is huge like 500K-800K it's took so much time and seems to be waste of time.

So is any other alternative that will help me to import  large data set for each query.

I know by default the setting for this in web-service is as follow:

Maximum number of records to return:

Maximum size of request:

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  • Hello

    The sizing of the request is very important from a system performance perspective.  You can use a very simple method like queryid() or queryidnodate() to get the count.  When working with query() or queryrecord() the sizing prevents any timeouts of the full request.

  • I want to import data for entity like person,company.

    So I think queryid() or queryidnodate()  are not useful for this ,  as result of this method return only default fields(createddate,updateddate,createdby,updatedby).