CRM Integration with SAGE100 ERP

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Hello I'm kind of new user of Sage CRM and i want to know is it possible to make a CRM integration with Sage 100 hosted on a remote server?

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  • Majid

    In which country are you based Majid?  Sage has several accounting products branded as Sage 100 around the world.

  • I'm in Morocco

  • Majid

    Cool!  Is the latest version of Sage CRM called Sage CRM v8.10?  Can you see this blog

    The link above is to the French language area of the community.  

    Contact and they will be able to tell you how to get access to these.

  • thank you Jeff Take a looke into the bolg but I couldn't find a answer to my Request , thank you anyway

  • Majid

    I regret that I do not work with the integration between the French version of Sage CRM and Sage 100.  I think you must speak with a Sage colleague in France.