Contemporary theme error: you may need to recreate views manually

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We've recently upgraded our system(s) to Sage CRM 7.3SP1 and unfortunately our end-users are experiencing an issue when they try to use the new Contemporary theme - they receive this error when they try and log in:

You may need to recreate views manually.

I've checked the error logs and unfortunately they're not giving me much information (from what I can tell):

May 11 2016 7:48:13.849 5996 5112 3 XRelease: 0
May 11 2016 7:48:13.865 5996 5112 3 CoeWareBase,Time 203
May 11 2016 7:48:14.412 5996 5112 1 You may need to recreate views manually. : List index out of bounds (-1)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Hannah

    Are the users able to access the system if they use any other themes?

    Is it only the use of the Contemporary theme that causes the problem?

    Please see:

    It used to be that in some circumstances corruption within CSS files could cause the error.

    A ‘list index out of bounds’ error is caused when you try to access an array or stringlist with an index that it doesn’t provide for e.g. if you have a stringlist which has 20 items in it, and you try and access item 23 in the list – that will give you that error message, the index is outside the bounds of the stringlist or array.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Yes, users can access the system using any of the other themes and the error is only displaying when they've select Contemporary in their preferences.

    We'll take a look into the CSS - thanks for your advice.


  • Hi again Jeff,

    We have 4 separate instances of CRM on individual servers and this problem is only occurring on 3 of them. The 4th server works perfectly, so I copied all of the CSS files associated to the Contemporary theme and copied them over onto another server.

    In theory, as there aren't any problems with the CSS on the 4th server, this should have helped to resolve the problem. Unfortunately it did not and we are still experiencing this problem when our end-users try to log in with the Contemporary theme.

    For the time being we're changing their preferences which allows them to log in (using a different theme), but we're at a bit of a loss.

    Any ideas?



  • I assume that you have logged a case with the local Sage team.  I think you will need to wait for support to respond.

    You may want to look at any inclusions of HTML or script within translations referenced by the menus.

    select * from custom_captions where capt_us like '%<%>%' or capt_code like '%<%>%'

    You'll need to compare the results from an unhealthy system with a healthy system.

  • Hi Jeff,

    We've upgraded our test systems to SP2 and the problem isn't occurring. We'll try our live servers and fingers crossed these will work too.

    Thanks for your advice.


  • That's positive news!

  • Not so positive news, it hasn't worked for our live systems! Back to Sage it is.

  • Drat.

    Quoting a colleague...

    The “You may need to recreate views manually” error message generally refers to an issue raised the eWare DLL attempts to access a metadata object. Most typically, this is due to a connection failure on the database, but it may also be caused by the metadata being missing from the database.

    In normal operation, Sage CRM constantly creates and destroys new connections as required. Should it attempt to create a new connection in order to load a metadata object (such as a screen), and SQL Server be unable to allow that new connection, the above error will be returned.

    So, if this is happening with a particular theme, there may be translation missing.  

    It may be worth comparing the captions (custom_captions) of a working system and your naughty system.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Bea and I got this working in the end by creating a new system menu called Profile Menu. :)

    Thanks for your help.